Topsoil Enhancer (5L)


A humus rich organic topsoil enhancer made in a continuous fermentation process.

🌱 A Microbial Incubator –Allows the built-up of important soil cultures in otherwise difficult home gardening environment.

🌱 Foster Beneficial Fungi – Assists in the development of a range of beneficial fungi species that provide an antibiotic support to plants and promote the development of nutrient transfer cultures around the roots.

🌱 A Water Reservoir– Contains bacteria that manufacture water. Additionally, this topsoil enhancer promotes humus development in the soil which in turn helps soil to absorb and store moisture.


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What's Topsoil

what is topsoil

This topsoil enhancer is made using organic solids and horticultural waste under a proprietary continuous fermentation process.

In this process, a range of microbes work to convert raw organic matter of many types into a product which has many characteristics of TOPSOIL.

Healthy microbes thrive in this topsoil to foster the fixation and mobilisation of additional carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and numerous trace elements from their environment.


Edible Plants Grown with Topsoil Enhancer

topsoil enhancer

How does it benefit my edible plants?

This topsoil enhancer supports the development of naturally healthy soil. Beneficial microbes have been linked to reduce incidence of disease outbreak as well as with much more efficient nutrient transfer to plants.

Specific functions of the beneficial microbial cultures fostered this Topsoil Enhancer:

  • Manufacture of water in the soil
  • Fixation of Nitrogen from the air
  • Mobilisation of Phosphorus reserves in soil
  • Capture of CO2 from the air and use of it to make sugars
  • Manufacture of energy storage compounds like ATP
  • Fostering of antibiotic reactions which help protect against disease

All of these functions help build a healthy soil and can assist plant growth.


  1. Adding to your existing potting medium: add 1cm of  Topsoil Enhancer at the top of the existing soil. Water BioRecharge at a dilution rate of 1:20 weekly.
  2. *Highly recommended as a potting medium: add in 30% Topsoil Enhancer with 70% silica sand. Best used in tandem with BioRecharge.
  3. Full Soil Remediation for damaged soil: add in up 30% in volume (not weight) or 1cm height of TopSoil Enhancer into soil area. Spray BioRecharge at a dilution rate of 1:10 around 15ml per sqm. Till the soil and wait 28 days. Do this twice before planting. * Contact us for soil remediation services

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