Self Watering Planter Stackable Planter(Single Unit)


Zero worries about when and how often to water your plants with this self-watering planter.

🌱 Self-Watering: The base of the black pod has 2 stands with tiny holes for the water to seep up to the soil. Only refill the reservoir when the water level indicator shows below FULL.

🌱 Expandable: Easily link additional planters vertically with a mobile stand. Own a vertical garden that will give you green thumbs to be jealous of.


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ivory self watering planter applications

self watering black planter applications

How it works

Fill the planter with water until the water level indicator shows full.

Each planter row has four pods to plant directly into. These pods have 2 stands at their bases for water to seep through or for the roots to grow through to access the water. This gives your plants constant access to water while making it impossible to overwater your plants.

Check your water level indicator weekly and refill water as needed.

white automatic watering stackable vertical garden how it works



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