Foliar Fertilizer Concentrate/CaRecharge (250ml)


Calcium is the main constituent for building cell walls. It plays a central role in forming new plant tissues above and below ground: young leaves, shoot tips, and root tips. This organic calcium mobilizer concentrate assists in the rapid supply and uptake of calcium in fruit and vegetable crops.

🌱 Value-for-moneyHighly concentrated, dilute 1: 75 with water to mist on your edible plants. 1 bottle is sufficient for 1-year use on edible plants grow in 1 GoodGreens vertical planter set

🌱 Long Shelf Life – no expiry concerns compared to other probiotic-based formulations

🌱 Naturally Safe – 100% organics and safe to use around children and pets.


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Why Calcium


Edible Plants Grown with CaRecharge

topsoil enhancer

application of bio recharge



Store in a shaded place until ready to use. Keep containers closed and free of debris when not in use. DO NOT SHAKE.

plant food kit how to use instruction

Best Use with other items in Our Plant Liquid Food Kit (1-year program)

what's included in GoodGreens Plant Food Kit


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