Bio-Plus Organic Fertilizer NPK 888 (1Kg)


A general fertilizer, NPK 8-8-8-10+TE Bio-Plus is made from plant-based material and coffee powder. Specifically, it contains:

🌱Nitrogen(N) 8%: Responsible for the growth of leaves

🌱Phosphorus(P) 8%: Promotes root growth, flowering, fruiting and increases plant stem strength

🌱Potassium(K) 8%: Strengthens the overall functions of the plant and improves the quality of the flower or fruits produced

🌱Magnesium (MgO) 2%: Boost development of leaf green (chlorophyll) to carry out photosynthesis

🌱Humate 10%: an excellent organic soil conditioner that stimulates beneficial microbial activity


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