Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit

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🌱 All you need to start your very own home edible garden. Also, a perfect gift set for parents, family, and friends. Kit includes:

  • 1 VegeGro Garden (6 Planters (Ivory| Black) + Mobile Stand) $249
  • 1 Vege soil pack (28L) $25.9
  • 1 pack of Bio-Plus Organic Fertilizer NPK 888 (1Kg) $6.9
  • 1 gardening mat (1m x 1m) $6.5
  • 1 set of biodegradable seed trays(10pcs) $4.9
  • 1 Maple Pea seed pack (100g/est.500 seeds) $2.9
  • 1 set of plant labels(50pcs) with a pencil $ 1.9
  • 1 soil scoop $1.5

🌱 Save Space: 24 pods in just 0.10sqm space. Gardening doesn’t have to be messy.

🌱 Self-Watering: water reservoirs that come with 6 water level indicators. No water pump or power supply is needed

🌱 Mobile: Mobile stand with 4 lockable swivel castor wheels. Chase or avoid the sun to keep your plants happy.


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In the Value Bundle:

Refer here for more information on our black vertical garden and theΒ ivory vertical garden set.

All in 1 vertical planter bundle


5 reviews for Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit

    Francois Le Coguiec
    June 29, 2021
    OK so we just only bought this so of course we have not really successfully used it yet... but I can say that the kit is very high quality and service was excellent, you can tell they care and they believe in what they are doing. 1. I had placed the order a bit incorrectly and they picked up on that and kindly helped to correct it. 2. the delivery was... that same evening! I wouldn't bet that they will be able to do that all the time as their business continues to grow... but it was a good surprise and again it shows they care. 3. The delivery came with a card with a QR code. I initially dismissed it as as "give us a 5 star rating" so I didn't even read carefully or try the QR code... then we ended up not fully understanding how to assemble the rack and the planters and had to reach out on WhatsApp. They kindly and patiently explained everything before I realized that the QR code was actually a link to the full installation instructions, they just do that to save paper. Anyway thanks for the great service and will post photos of our brinjal when they have grown :-)
    September 25, 2020
    Compact and easy to set up product. Save space too!
    Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit photo review
    September 23, 2020
    Great product!
    Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit photo review
    Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit photo review
    Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit photo review
    Eric Yeo
    September 23, 2020
    Bought this from the seller. Wow fast respond and she is very helpful in answering my questions as I am new to this vertical planting. Try to find in other online platform but cant find such setup. Yes I have found it now and this whole plant set serve what I need for my new hobby. The delivery is fast too. I place my order on Sunday and bingo next Monday my plant set has arrived! And the setup is easy too but there is no manual. So you have to download from this site. After we have download the setup, it is easy as 123. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a vertical planting set.
    Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit photo review
    September 12, 2020
    Like the expandable and self-watering setup, really can keep our home gardening compact and neat. Assembly is much easier than expected. Friendly and prompt support from the seller.
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