Organic Compost Soil Fertiliser (5L)


When to use compost? After each harvest or every 4 weeks, top up your soil with a layer of compost about 3 cm thick to revitalize it.

This 100% organic plant-based compost is specially formulated to:

🌱Contain large ranges of trace elements, and a significant range of macro and micronutrients.

🌱Improve soil texture and enhance plants’ ability to absorb nutrients

🌱Contain plant growth-promoting Rhizobacteria that helps convert nitrogen fixation in air and phosphates from the soil into a form that can be absorbed by plants

Directions for Use:

  • Use this organic compost as a mulch by adding a layer of compost over the soil. This helps retain moisture in the potting medium.
  • Use this organic compost as a soil amendment by digging a hole about 5-10 cm deep in existing soil, add compost into the hole and mix it with the rest of the soil.


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