Why home gardening is on the rise?

Why home gardening is on the rise?

Benefit of Home Gardening

You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed tackling the seemingly endless daily mental stressors. Home gardening might just be your solution to end your constant search for an anti-stress elixir.

Stress and anxiety pervade modern life

A Google report Year in Search 2020 released early this year revealed that Singaporeans are increasingly searching for “seeking balance” in work and in life. This trend is seen in the rise of two categories of search. One category trying to understand terms -  “how to anxiety attack” and “burnout symptoms”.  Another category on seeking practical tips and resources for calming down – “how to calm down from anxiety” and “calming music for stress”.

Stress pervades modern life. We are constantly craving quick fixes. These include “calming music" and "Sentosa staycation or a luxury escape”  to quote from the Google report. This is as if we are hoping that a pill from the doctor can send us into immediate recovery.

However, little did we know that even for cold medication, they do not actually cure us of the flu. They are only used to ease cold symptoms like coughing and sneezing. Your body’s immune system ultimately has to do its work to fight the virus. The point here is while “quickies” are the convenient go-to, you need to find a routine or a hobby. We need something consistent in our everyday life to ease our anxiety. Home gardening is proven as an effective remedy and an enhancer for your emotional armor.

Gardening in upswing during Covid-19

As the pandemic spread, the world is seeing a growing number of avid gardeners. Google April 2020 search shows that the search for the term gardening has increased threefold compare to the same period in the prior year. In Singapore, local farming suppliers have reported 5 times increase in sales for seedlings and farm supplies.

Without a doubt, one of the drivers is the concern over food security as global food supplies face disruptions. Another reason could be that the mood-boosting effect of this wholesome home activity has served during this time of crisis.

Growing an edible garden is most therapeutic

Gardening is capable of improving your mental health, as effective as some common forms of exercise like cycling and walking. This has been reported by Washington Post (Gardening boosts your mood as much as some exercise, study finds) based on a 2020 study published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning.

While all types of gardening improve mental health, people who grow their own vegetables are found the experience has the strongest mood-boosting effect. It is understandable if you think about it from the rewards perspective. You are not only getting the relaxation effect but also fresh food to provide for you and your family.

1. The process of growing something edible and beautiful is uplifting

Engaging in creative activity is a proven stress-buster. Start with just the seeds and some simple equipment, then fine-tune your setup after a few creative experiments. Maybe also get some décor or rustic furniture for your green corner. Tadah, you might just have your own oasis of relaxation.

2. Home gardening restores your zen

The stress-relieving effect of home gardening is even more powerful than reading, as one Amsterdam study finds. Two groups of people were asked to either garden or read a book for 30 minutes after a stressful task. For the group that gardened, lower cortisol (stress hormone) level was reported, highlighting the stress relief effect of engaging in the gardening activity.

We are irritable and restless when we have exhausted our finite energy for directed attention, whether it is answering email, keeping up with the news, and preparing a work deck. However, gardening tasks are effortless and soothing to our brains.

3. Calming sight of green space soothes your soul

Nature is a sanctuary for inspiration, reflection, and healing. That explains why most people prefer to go into natural settings for retreat or gate-aways. Generally, studies have shown that just simply viewing a green space can relax the sense and alleviate stress. Also to some, the magical sight of a seed transforming to mature adult greens evokes positive feelings of competence and hope.

Start growing with our kits today and you might not need to Google search for "how to calm down from anxiety" again.

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