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Bring Nature Indoors

For Kids, Friends, Beginners

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  • 4-in-1 Plant Liquid Food Concentrate Kit

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    Beginner Veggie Garden All-in-One Grow Kit

  • Mobile Vertical Garden All-in-One Kit

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    Mobile Vertical Garden(Ivory)

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    Mobile Vertical Garden(Black)

  • Liquid Fertiliser Concentrate (1L)

  • Topsoil Enhancer (5L)

  • Organic Anti-bacterial & fungi Concentrate (250ml)

  • Foliar Fertilizer Concentrate/CaRecharge (250ml)

  • Self Watering Planter Stackable Planter(Single Unit)

  • 240 Cells / 20 Seed Germination Trays/Biodegradable Paper Pulp

  • Vege Potting Soil (28L)

  • Neem Cake Powder Organic Fertiliser NPK 511/ Pest Repellent (1KG)

  • Organic Compost Soil Fertiliser (5L)

  • Bio-Plus Organic Fertilizer NPK 888 (1Kg)

  • Gardening Mat Plant Repotting Mat 1mx1m


Easy, Compact & Wholesome

Easy to Start

No sweat over looking high and low for parts and pieces to assemble your home garden. We do the legwork, you run the show of growing.

Compact by Design

Big balconies and backyards are hard to come by in urban homes. We totally get it. We believe in minimal and compact design to grow the most greens out of your precious home space.

Wholesome to Enjoy

An educational activity for your kids, a healthy pastime for your elderlies or a stress-buster for busy parents? Gardening caters to all that. What is more? Vegetable gardening got you the freshest food right at home.