Yes! Bulk Orders

We have had corporate customers from companies, kindergartens, schools, senior homes, churches and marketing agencies! Chat with us on your needs.

Online Interactive Lesson

We can deliver live and interactive online session on edible gardening basics and step by step guide on how to set up with our kits.

  • Easy to Start

    No sweat over looking high and low for parts and pieces to assemble your home garden. We do the legwork, you run the show of growing.

  • Compact by Design

    Big balconies and backyards are hard to come by in urban homes. We totally get it. We believe in minimal and compact design to grow the most greens out of your precious home space.

  • Wholesome to Enjoy

    An educational activity for your kids, a healthy pastime for your elderlies or a stress-buster for busy parents? Gardening caters to all that. What is more? Vegetable gardening got you the freshest food right at home.

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